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Waterfalls, bison, and geysers: Here we are, sitting cross-legged on a bluff overlooking the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. The bluff slopes down to the canyon rim, where, hundreds of feet below, the Yellowstone Source churns, blurred by mist.

We have watercolors, paper, and brushes, which we daub into small cups. I'm hoping to capture the grandeur of the view but worry that combined artistic fervor and clumsiness will send me rolling down the slope over the edge of the canyon. My wife and 8-year-old son sit uphill, painting, unaware of the danger. My wife contemplates a picturesquely twisted pine. My son gazes out at the canyon with a look of grave concentration.

A delusion of parenthood is that you can instill your room bonus primo deposito passions in your offspring. In fact, it's often a doomed battle, but you keep trying.

We had been spending too much time in crowded, confined, urban places. I wanted us to see something big. I mapped sunset casino mobile summer vacation.

I drew a mile route centered around Yellowstone National Park. My son watched, then went back to his Japanese cartoon show, where spiky-haired kids threatened to destroy one another's life force. Sunset casino mobile enough we are driving a big car down a big highway in Montana, headed for two weeks of vacation, starting at Mountain Sky Guest Ranch in Emigrant, Montana.

Many people believe they aren't "guest ranch" people in the same way they insist they aren't "dance the Electric Slide at weddings" people. That is true of my wife, whose previous horse encounters have been limited to riding ponies around in circles at children's birthday parties. She sits in the front seat, glancing nervously at Mountain Sky's welcome letter: She throws the letter down on the car seat.

The best way to describe Mountain Sky is sunset casino mobile it is how God would design a guest ranch if he had сбежала online casino bez vkladu Мне money. High up in the Gallatin Range, warmly elegant cabins and a sprawling log lodge are set among regal pines. The guests are sophisticated, accomplished lawyers and doctors and investment bankers who have been sunset casino mobile for years, who live to ride.

The get-acquainted meeting is like the first day at summer camp. How long, I wonder, will it take before everyone realizes sunset casino mobile are dorks? But we have a wonderful time. The great thing about a guest ranch is that all the hard choices are made for you, leaving you all the easy, fun decisions. Yoga or fly-fishing lesson? Afternoon ride or nap? As for the riding instruction, from wranglers Micki Cleary and Mark Rose, it is phenomenal.

We are matched sands casino online three fine horses, Connie, Miss Ellie, and Amigo, who sunset casino mobile gentle with us beginners but who can be encouraged to trot stirringly up mountain meadows.

Sunset casino mobile the second day, my wife is spurring Connie expertly across fast-flowing streams and my son, on Amigo, is trotting along, cackling, "This is fun! Did you ever think it would be this fun? On our last morning, we ride along Big Creek and can see, to the west, Windy Pass high in the Gallatins. If there is a nicer place to be on a summer morning we sunset casino mobile, at that moment, imagine what it could be. Wyoming please click for source Montana are famous for their outsize landscapes.

But we find ourselves falling just as hard for the towns: After Mountain Sky we dawdle across the map. In Bozeman we admire dinosaurs at the Museum of the Rockies and stroll down Main Street, savoring the lazy appeal of a university town on summer break. In a barrage sunset casino mobile thunder and hailstones, we drive up and over the Beartooth Range to Cody, Wyoming. The town draws its name from its founder, Wild West impresario Buffalo Bill Cody, and retains his swaggering charm.

At the Irma Hotel, we sit on the porch, escaping the hailstorm and watching motorcycles parade in for the August rally in Sturgis, South Dakota. My son loves the guns: Remingtons, Winchesters, shotguns, Gatling guns. After 20 minutes my wife has her fill of firearms and goes off on what she calls "the chick tour" of the museum: Native American clothing and Mrs. I ask my son if he wants to see the 1, additional guns downstairs. Afterward, we somehow find ourselves at a roadside store that features only antlers: Next door is a fireworks store and I stumble in, dazed by the rockets and Roman candles.

That evening we go to the Cody Nite Rodeo, which has been running every summer night for 68 years. Lightning spikes the western horizon, and when through the crackling loudspeaker the announcer shouts, "Welcome to the rodeo capital of the world," each word is broken by thunder: Bronco riding, calf roping, bull riding, barrel racing, the rising wind blowing cowboy hats off the riders, fat raindrops plunking in the dust.

The air crackles, the loudspeakers play "Free Ride," you smell ozone, and bands of small children chase a woolly herd of lambs across the grounds, hoping to catch the lamb that wears a yellow ribbon so they can win an ice cream cone. And at that point we give in. This could be ours, we think. We could leave our city life and sunset casino mobile to Cody. Our son could chase lambs for yellow ribbons, then compete in calf roping. Our new house would sunset casino mobile decorated all in sunset casino mobile. We could motorcycles through hailstorms and set off fireworks.

That's what a good sunset casino mobile does. It explodes your usual idea of yourself, takes your regular life and tosses a bolt of lightning at it, making it new. From Cody, you climb into another world. Whether you take U. If there's one sunset casino mobile I want my family to fall in love with, this is it: But strangely, for all its obvious beauties, sunset casino mobile park can be a hard place to appreciate.

It's big, it's busy, you hurry to see Old Faithful Inn, then jump back in the car to make the next landmark on your list. After our first day, we find ourselves tired and tense. Luckily, I had been smart enough to enlist expert help.

On our second day, we join up with the Yellowstone Association Institute, which offers dozens of classes and courses in the park. We'd signed up for its Yellowstone for Families program: We board a van to head out into the park.

My son has a spotty record for appreciating natural history, being the only kid I know who was bored by March of the Penguins. Casino dearborn animal shelter under Jen's guidance he turns into Mr. Earth Science, taking the temperatures of mud pots with a laser thermometer, mastering the distinctions between geysers and sunset casino mobile. Our penultimate stop is the geyser of geysers, Old Faithful, which dutifully spouts so we games best casino odds have our snapshot taken in front of it.

We learn our pines and grizzlies and black bears, we play hangman using only words involving Yellowstone plants and animals. We count the number of times we crisscross the Continental Divide, which bisects the park: Sunset casino mobile dusk, when wildlife spotting is at its best, we get sunset casino mobile the van and head toward Hayden Valley, where so many visitors have stopped by the side of the road to photograph passing bison that we feel like paparazzi pursuing starlets down Rodeo Drive.

Jen tells us to get back in the van and we drive sunset casino mobile bit farther north. We are alone now, it sunset casino mobile dusk, the last of the sun has turned the meadows golden and polished the lazy curve of the Yellowstone River silver-blue.

We see more bison, some calves, born in May and still clad in their curly red infant coats. A herd of elk drifts across the sunset casino mobile above the darkening river. A lone coyote lopes close to the water. We don't understand how the elk sense him, sunset casino mobile they do. The coyote climbs the bluff and watches. He lopes into the darkness. The first star comes out.

In this way, with geysers, laser thermometers, elk, and evening stars, what I want to happen does happen. My wife and son fall in love with Yellowstone. Our last day is devoted to Yellowstone in art.

Jen talks about the painters and photographers who have found inspiration here: Yellow-stone in midsummer draws visitors from around the world. But Jen leads us away from the mobs, down a side trail running along the canyon's edge. As we walk, two of the boys debate which figure in Alien vs. My son is talking sunset casino mobile Tony Hawk. But Jen hands us brushes and watercolors and paper, and we settle down to study the canyon with its golden walls.

These beautiful tints are beyond the reach of human art. Well, they are sure beyond my reach. But as we sit painting, watching the canyon's colors shift with the sun, I am content to paint even one one-thousandth of what Sunset casino mobile see.

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