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Are slot machines rigged? SAVE CANCEL. already exists well reviewed and trusted online casino thenall their games will be tested via a third party so will be safe.

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On the second Saturday of every month, with the next one on October 14th at 7: Message the moderators to submit your own! I knew the following was going to happen, just because of past historical evidence. I think they allow this to happen and prevent a winner from being selected, in order to suck more money olg online casino rigged the public by getting more free advertising from the media who constantly report and encourage the public to buy tickets, since the jackpot go here 50 million.

Also, sometimes you will notice that the 50 million dollar jackpot goes 2 or more weeks without being won, to create Xmas time hysteria and pull in more money. Those are just 2 irregularities i've noticed. Some are more subtle, but I'll keep this post brief. I will conclude by offering the following explanation olg online casino rigged how they rig the lottery I believe they do this for a very specific reason. They do this in order to control when olg online casino rigged lottery is won list of legitimate online casinos skim the lottery funds and deflate the actual money they say they take in.

Some weeks they don't want a winner, because they are constantly driving to get a higher jackpot, for advertising purposes. So, how do they do it? I think basically, is that they are running a program that tracks all the numbers submitted into the system up until the last minute of the draw.

They then plug these numbers into their "supervised" ball machines, and voila! Obviously, they could air the pre-plugged winning numbers on air, but I think their might be some logistical headaches for them to do that that might hinder their scam. The number selection is monitored by a 3rd party auditor and done using a ball selection system. You can watch them live online if you want.

The other point you are ignoring is that there really is no point for them to do this. This is the correct answer. KPMG's complicity is any kind olg online casino rigged conspiracy top online casinos south africa this magnitude would torpedo the company and is surely something they would not participate in not to mention the individual CAs who read article have their professional status revoked.

When large jackpots occur that drives up people buying lottery tickets Anyway this argument would be more believable with data. Show the actual historical distribution of winnings. And you can watch them in person, at Yonge see more Dundas. There is a live feed from OLG. There's a much simpler explanation for the OLG model: Mathematically they are going to come on top anyway.

Just like at the casino with roulette: There is no need to rig the games. A lot less effort that way. I think the OLG is badly mismanaged and has a history of attempts by olg online casino rigged trying to rip it off. But to olg online casino rigged that they are institutionally, intentionally running crooked games is just not credible.

Well, if you can admit shop keepers run crooked games, then olg online casino rigged cover the olg brass with this cloak of olg online casino rigged The point you're ignoring is that there is no need to skim. The profit levels on running a lottery are stupidly high.

Risking that for a few more dollars is stupid and no one in a position to run a lottery of that size would take that risk. Besides the fact that the extra skim would have to go straight to paying off all the people involved to keep it under wraps. They are a publicly audited company they can't just give the top brass a few hundred grand extra a olg online casino rigged without accounting for it. Accounting practises aren't notoriously shady. Thats how I know how ignorant you are about all this stuff.

Something conspiracy nuts like yourself olg online casino rigged seem to ignore but something that the millionaires you hate almost always consider. Look at the thousand plus historical examples of olg online casino rigged, corporate and charity fraud.

Don't discount reality in your calculations. Ya, accounting books get cooked by criminals for criminals. It really doesn't happen for olg online casino rigged corps by major The worst problem you're going to find in a modern big 4 accountancy is a breaking of the Chinese wall which is mostly made impossible by a separation of the consulting wings from the audit wings in all of them over a decade ago after the Anderson fuck up.

Show me all the examples you know of a highly profitable gambling game fixing the odds to skim extra money on their side. There are a thousand plus according to you so it should be easy. Actually, how about the thousands of corporations that have historically cooked the books in order to help out their share price? Enron ring a bell? Learn to read, thanks for coming out.

Who cares the OLG pools millions of dollars through grants into community online free goddess slots golden projects. OLG is more about donating to your community than winning millions.

They often do this to both bring in more money and as a promotion. It's not link conspiracy - the OLG is a business like any other. And awful lot of supposition in your post, but with no actual math ie; Given ticket sale volume, what olg online casino rigged the odds the is or isn't hit each week?

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Monthly Meetup On the second Saturday of every month, with the olg online casino rigged one on October 14th at 7: This is an archived post. You won't be able to vote or comment. Comments of any kind appreciated. OLG Might be Rigged. Want to add to the discussion? You're just being silly now.

Casino player offered dinner instead of $43M | CTV Toronto News Olg online casino rigged

As a Canadian residing in Ontario, you may have seen the plastered signs on every bus stop, subway train or any available media outlet that there's a new website where players from Ontario can go olg online casino rigged play some really olg online casino rigged slots and a variety of other online casino games. Let me be the first to tell you the new PlayOLG website is down right awful.

The sign up process is fairly simple. I completed my profile in about 5 minutes. The games can be played in real mode or practice mode and making a deposit right from your bank is done in just a few clicks for instant access. From there it goes all down hill. First thing you may notice is that unless you have olg online casino rigged pretty good graphics card the games are extremely laggy. Even my high end laptop did not have a good enough graphics card to play the games without pulling out a few hairs.

The games are all flash based and require no downloading to play them. This may be fine as an alternative option but any online casino that is serious about providing entertainment to their players offer a download version of their casino. I guess the PlayOLG olg online casino rigged felt a simple flash based system would be fine. Flash sucks and a little research on PlayOLG's part would have avoided this mess.

Yes I'm spoiled by playing at Microgaming casinos. However, there are a large number of online casinos that offer between and different games that are still excellent choices for online casino lovers. A total of 20 slots, 0 source poker games and 8 Table games for a grand total of 28 games.

Even at 28 games the quality online slots bonus horrible. Every game is bad with poor graphics and piss poor bonus rounds. When you finally get to a computer that will actually allow you to play the provided selection of games you have as mentioned above, 28 games to choose from.

I tried all 20 slot games and found them to be extremely out dated, laggy, boring and over all just really really bad. Very few have any type of bonus round and the ones that do offer a few free spins with no added features. I've seen better slots on yahoo's pogo or facebook. Again PlayOLG didn't bother to do any research and launched with the minimal amount of decent games. I could probably go on an on about just how badly I think PlayOLG screwed up here but I would suggest those who still want to give it a shot to visit 5dimes and see for yourself.

Every hands I would win only one hand! Every time the dealer had BLackjack. I strongly suggest olg online casino rigged stay off the site. I never cashed out once. I have been playing the roulette and it appears rigged to me. The numbers that come out can legitimately happen…but every single time?

Where do I begin. On the slots on my third visit I managed to get into the bonus round on several games. Video poker has the worst return I have ever seen and so outdated. I complained about the olg online casino rigged payouts and was told the percentage payouts are calculated over the lifetime of the game. Anyway crap site, with all thier money how could they produce such rubbishy. I was a pretty serious player on Pokerstars, Full Tlt and other online sites in the past. I tried the free version first just to get used to the interface before I started playing for olg online casino rigged. Unreal how bad it was.

Poorly programmed and poorly click to see more. Also, it is very glitchy and the site mysteriously dropped connection then shut down. Imagine if that was in a hand for real money?

I was playing single zero roulette in practice mode. I had one session where the same number came up 3 times in 6 spins. A couple of days later the spins came up 24,24,36,36,24,24… the probability of that happening is. Not only are the games a joke compared to places source Sportsinteraction or William Hill, but this site is for sure rigged.

I played offshore online sites that are better and the people at customer support seem to really care. No jackpots for sure. I am done with this site. Got a full screen of Golden Goddess and paid hardly anything and was betting 2. Crazy that they get away with this kind of rip off. I was pleasantly surprised to learn OLG has a site and it offers here zero roulette which is hard to find in live casinos olg online casino rigged Quebec or high stakes rooms.

Whenever i stayed with the same columns I had the misfortune to hit the wrong column 3 times in a row. Now how the fudge does that happen? I know the game, probability, house edge, etc.

You could just sense the number generator manages to hit the wrong column too many times. My fellow Ontariansstay away from this site. I feel you…single zero roulette that clearly has a better house edge than a 00 roulette.

Now how in the world would that happen unless the software rigs the game. I agree with all the above statements. I played for free to generate stats on a spreadsheet.

One in five games would reap a profit. I started the same strategy with Real dollars, in every case they did not replicate the test stats. Olg online casino rigged game immediately went hard against me 8 Red to 18 Black for instance, rather than 50 50 outcome approx. In stock trading there is a source called insider trading. Just recently there is in the news a casino operator who has been charged with this rule.

If found guilty he faces a large fine plus imprisonment. I wonder if the people who are joined to this business, states casino casino people who manage, program and in every-way contribute to falsify the general public think that they are exempt from the same? I have been playing OLG slots for over a month. I decided to try OLG slots to olg online casino rigged the profits in Ontario.

They keep the profits by not paying out. It says 3 to 5 days for a payout. Week later I get an email that the request was denied. When I call the phone number, they look into it. They can see I uploaded the banking information same as Olg online casino rigged use for Revenue Online casino real money and other online sites.

They look into it, then I hear nothing. They then transfer the money back to olg online casino rigged online account. Oh, maybe they want me to keep gambling till I lose it? I call again and they told me try again. Same thing happened all over again. No one contacts me. I have called 5 click, and still nothing.

I started the withdraw process March 28 and as of now April 7th nothing. I am seriously considering taking OLG to small claims court. I sure that would look really good on them.

When Olg online casino rigged finally get my money and I will make sure I get itI will never gamble there again. Off shore it goes. Just another example of when the government gets into a business, how they can alienate and frustrate people and take a profitable venture into a fiasco.

Stay away from this site! Horrible I played with 1k betting 10 dollars a spin on Golden Godest I got the bonus nothing Takes mega olg online casino rigged to get a bonus and always pays see more just a little over your bet most times. The games are just a money grabber tried all different bets and noticed that when I bet just.

And this happens a lot Still playing looking for bugs please click for source to beat them but no luck for now play minimum and enter all contest olg online casino rigged they offer. Same thing happened to me at Baccarat. Unbelievable and unheard off.

I agree with every comment so far! Since I am a little older. Always olg online casino rigged 12 to16 and poker I hardly play anymore low payouts. Smells like class action one day. I have played OLG for about 6 months. Here is my take. Bonus rounds rarely come.

William Hill Online Casino: Rigged Roulette tables

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