Vegas Tanked Reality Show in Following the antics of two brothers-in-law as they run the largest aquarium manufacturing company in the nation, Tanked dunks.

Jim Jefferies is no stranger to the ongoing gun leo vegas vip that rages leo vegas vip America. Unsurprisingly, it also included a gun control bit. I have been very leo vegas vip with my opinions on the Second Amendment and gun control in this country. Jefferies, meanwhile, opted for a different tactic. Instead of naming specific names, the Australian comic chose to channel his anger and frustration at the entirety of the United States.

But know that you are literally doing nothing leo vegas vip pissing into the wind. This is our reality now. America, you let this happen. I dare you leo vegas vip prove me wrong. So please link me the stories of rifles loading themselves and attacking innocent civilians. How about you fuck off with trying to stigmatize millions of mentally ill people as violent and dangerous? Tell me more about this knife that kills 59 people from a highrise window.

Guns let people be fucking cowards. Only time the majority of conservatives even mention mental health is for these moments, when in reality a lot of them just view anyone with those issues as precious snowflakes who need to get a grip. They just hate to think or admit that a disturbed, aka, not crazy person, could go out and legally buy an arsenal of weapons and ammo, legally increase the fire rate with modifications, and then deliberately shoot into a crowd of people.

So please link me the stories of that state that Paddock had mental health issues. Hell, link just 1 story that has factual based evidence. Republicans have fought tooth and nail against both. I am pro guns. I think you have a right to a single non-repeating weapon in your home and non-repeating rifles for hunting. I think you should have to be re-certified every five years and that you should be barred from owning a weapon if you fit certain criteria felon; spousal abuse.

But I will say this: Anyone arguing for high-capacity magazines and automatic weapons is a fucking idiot. Will that ever happen? Your limitations seems pretty reasonable.

The asbestos industry in America died when their product was deemed too dangerous. This is who we are now. I would like someone to explain to me why the price of freedom is so much more expensive in America than it is elsewhere. We have to be OK with just having mass shootings every once in a while. Look, this sounds cynical but it is the complete and total embrace of reality that fits this modern American world.

Texas gun owner here. I love to shoot, and I love to hunt, and these two activities have exposed me to gun culture down here. And pretty much every stereotype you likely have about gun nuts especially AR owners is spot on. Regular criminals, as opposed to mass murderers, and their guns are a problem, obviously. Generally, they use guns as means to an end, and law enforcement is suited to deal with that kind of crime.

I love watching idiot progressives Jefferies turn on their own, but he is right. I blame every single one of you useful idiot leftist progressives who continue to let leo vegas vip things happen. All you have to do is amend the constitution. If this country is really so on board with gun control, it should be easy. You can even bypass the supposedly NRA bought Congress completely and do it from a grassroots level.

That fact that not one of you is willing to start a grassroots movement to amend the constitution just demonstrates how cowardly and lazy you all are.

There are plenty of leftist billionaires that could easily fund leo vegas vip movement but all you care about is keeping a wedge issue for political power, not the dead bodies strewn across this country. I have had enough leo vegas vip the fake tears from the useful idiots like Kimmel and Jefferies. Please just shut up and go back to your morally bankrupt malaise until you are ready to please click for source something besides pat yourselves on the back for another worthless hash tag.

Comedians On Curbs With Cameras: About About Corporate Privacy Terms. Sign Up Sign In. You can unsubscribe at any time. I guarantee you, not one of his rifles leo vegas vip one round without his assistance. How about we work on leo vegas vip down on Crazy instead? After all, it could have just as easily been a truck, or a california state law online gambling cooker, or a knife.

Kill 58 and wound with a knife? Who was he, Hattori Hanzo? Wait, you think leo vegas vip guy could have killed 60 people and injured with a knife? The real problem is high rise hotels. Probably need to ban those. The real problem is men. Ever seen a woman pull this sorta shit?

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WATCH Jim Jefferies Accuse U.S. Of Letting Las Vegas Shooting Happen Leo vegas vip

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Vegas Tanked Reality Show in Following the antics of two brothers-in-law as they run the largest aquarium manufacturing company in the nation, Tanked dunks.
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