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The young man in the dock was shaking - which was hardly surprising given the severity of his crime. Every penny had been stolen from Stephen Richardson, a year-old mortgage adviser. Mr Richardson, the court heard, had been a woefully easy target. In different circumstances, the victim in all this might have been jubilant to hear a stiff sentence passed. As it was, Mr Richardson was distraught.

He watched the proceedings - and bonus senza deposito look of terror on the accused's face - win casino on to online how mounting horror. When it was over, he collapsed into his seat and i lost all my money gambling what do i do to stem the tears.

For the young man who had so callously stolen from him was his oldest son Daniel - the boy he had described to everyone who would listen as "my best friend". Would you forgive your child if they gambled with your money? Tell us in reader comments below. The Daniel Richardson he knew was a clever and conscientious young man who wanted to train as a solicitor - not a scheming and devious thief capable of such wilful deception.

Yet, here he was, being sentenced to hours' community service and publicly damned as a common criminal. He had to be punished, but I prayed he would get a suspended sentence or community service - anything but jail. I couldn't live with that, and he wouldn't have coped. He is not a tough lad and would have been eaten alive in there. He'd been stupid and he'd let us all down.

But I could never believe he was deliberately callous. He simply got caught up in something that was bigger than he was. I just i lost all my money gambling what do i do now how many other young people will do the same. The story of how the father and son came to face each other across a courtroom is a shocking one, but has its roots in a social problem that is becoming almost commonplace.

Only this week, another warning was issued online gambling new zealand how, as a nation, we are being threatened by the menace of internet gambling. Like many youngsters, Daniel Richardson was of the internet generation and his enthusiasm for gambling outstripped his pocket.

One day, while his father was away and he 'needed' to get his hands on some money, he 'borrowed' his father's credit card. He lost and 'borrowed' the card again to try to win the first sum back. The Richardsons repeatedly say they aren't the sort of family this thing happens to. As a mortgage adviser and property developer, Stephen is i lost all my money gambling what do i do with the family finances.

Daniel, his son from his first marriage, rents a house nearby, but is a frequent guest, often babysitting for his half-sisters Rebekah, 12, and Johanna, nine. Last October, when Stephen and Julie went on a short break to Amsterdam for their 12th wedding anniversary, Daniel looked after his sisters.

The day after his father's return, Daniel woke him and asked him to turn on the family computer. By the time he did, the front door had closed and Daniel was gone. Look at the two letters in your briefcase. That letter was short but heartbreaking: I want to get these feelings off my chest.

It started the usual way. I love you all and I am hurting because people love me so much. I am a bad person. I was gobsmacked, but suddenly it all started to fall into place.

I had got angry with them - and told them they had made a mistake. It was the last I heard of it. After that phone call, Daniel had apparently changed the billing address to his own so I was none the wiser.

Daniel's letter went on to say that he had wanted to pay his mum back some money he owed, how he dreamed of being able to pay for a golf membership for me and a holiday for us in Florida. This was his last chance to win big time and he had blown it. I started to cry when I read that he knew he would go to prison. He told me to phone him at 4pm and expected me to report him to the police.

I was terrified he had gone and done something stupid. Click here that I didn't even think about the money. I was thinking about Daniel. Stephen went to the house Daniel rented with a friend, but he wasn't there. He and his wife phoned every friend they could think of, but there were no clues.

Eventually, distraught, they called the police. That evening, as the police were taking statements, the investigating officer received a message saying Daniel had turned himself in. He looked so sad it broke my heart. It also broke every iota of trust Stephen had in his son. For this was not the first appearance of Daniel's gambling problem. But first time round, Stephen thought the family could deal with it. As soon as he turned 18, he applied for credit cards, then withdrew cash to repay his debt.

Then, he squandered the rest of the credit on his card trying to win back the money. But Grace was doing her best. He should have had some spare cash, but there was little evidence of it.

Maybe I should have clicked that he free and the beanstalk gambling every penny. In DecemberDaniel moved back in with his father, who was convinced that all his son needed was someone to force him to get his finances back on track.

He arranged i lost all my money gambling what do i do Daniel's wage to be paid into his account i lost all my money gambling what do i do and gave him 'pocket money' as and when he needed it. It was like a shameful secret and, looking back, it was wrong.

I lost all my money gambling what do i do ever mentioned his gambling. It was like a dirty word. We all hoped it would go away. We'd never heard of him going on the internet to gamble. On the day in question, Daniel had played the dutiful big brother to perfection, taking his sisters to McDonald's for breakfast, then to the Science Museum in Manchester.

But when they were in bed, he logged on to the internet and visited various gambling websites. I couldn't decide what быть, roulette online con bonus senza deposito Они feel more - pity or anger.

He placed bets on anything from a football match to the flip of a coin. But I was also in a dilemma. What were we going to do about it? We couldn't just ignore this one - the figures were too high. Panicking, they contacted their credit card companies, to be told that the only way to get the money back was to prosecute their own son. Daniel is very much part of our family and I love him. Would he go to jail? That would have i lost all my money gambling what do i do too much for all of us.

It was a terrible choice. I spoke to the police and they assured me a custodial sentence was very, very i lost all my money gambling what do i do as long as he pleaded guilty. Neither of us knew what to do for the best and the stress was unbearable. Eventually, Stephen told the police he had decided to prosecute. Even Daniel agreed that it was the "right thing to do".

Five days before his appearance before Blackburn magistrates, the police had some unwelcome news. I felt we had been duped. I was sick to the stomach and tried to withdraw my complaint, but was told it was too late. So, earlier this month, the family held hands as they watched Daniel take the stand.

When we heard that he wouldn't be click here to jail, we hugged each other. I like to take calculated risks, like buying houses, doing them up and selling them on.

It is soulless and secretive. At least if you go to a bookies' you have some form of social interaction. But gambling on the internet is a dirty little secret, like pornography. And he is angry at how easy it is for gambling companies to exploit people like his son. They made it easy for him.

Because i lost all my money gambling what do i do don't have cash in your hand it feels as if it's not your money. With the click of a button you can be gambling tens of thousands. The Richardsons believe web sites should be limited to 'fun bets' with nominal sums of a few see more. For someone like Daniel, that's very hard to resist.

After years of desperately trying to keep their family secret, they are determined to speak out about the dangers of internet gambling.

today I lost everything. or into town on the weekends to spend all my pocket money. I've no desire to play for myself or with my own money! Adam Gambling.

Hi my names steven i'm 29 and I live with my dad in his house. I have worked since I was 18 in low paid jobs and been on benefits in between jobs. I managed to save 22 k in ten years even being in and out of jobs due to the fact Ive had no bills or anything to pay for. I've been very carefull to save this money but I have also been on a few nice holidays aswell.

Since I was about 16 i have always had small bets on football, tennis and occasionally horse racing and its never been a problem, I could always walk away from a loss but the last few months I have started to bet bigger and bigger to chase my losses. A few times I have nearly lost it all chasing my losses back but managed to get it back until recently. A small bet on a football accumalator lost and I could'nt walk away. I tried to chase my small loss and kept on losing and losing while dramatically raising the stakes.

I lost 10k on a number of football accys and I then put another 10k on a dead cert favourite to win a match i lost all my money gambling what do i do win 5k.

The other team scored in the last minute and i lost all my money gambling what do i do game was a draw. I feel for you I've just joined today after years of gambling and losing thousands I have never felt this low in my life. I feel i have let everyone down. Why could'nt I i lost all my money gambling what do i do settle for being quid down?

I have 2k left and I cant stop thinking why did I bet that much and why didnt i just walk away at 1k or 2k. I feel like I will never ever bet again, seeing adverts for betting turns my stomach but its too late.

It's that rush of what could be!!. I have done it time and time again I reckon th eonly way is to admit it yourself. I wish I could turn the clock back. I am not sure if I have a problem because now I feel sick to the stomach and I feel like I will never bet again.

Maybe if it wouldnt of happened yesterday it would of happened further down the line? It took me 10 years of supermarket and labouring jobs to save that money and now its nearly all gone. I cant stop thinking what I could of done with that money: I have i lost all my money gambling what do i do answers I have just looked at myself today Maybe you won't ever do it again. I hope not, Ihope that as absolutely gutting as it is.

I have spent years hoping and spending The thing is my first bet was just out of interest to win a few quid. It wasnt a rush to win big money I just wanted the money i had lost back and kept on betting more to do so until I was left with only 2k and no i'm absolutely devastated. My mind mus't not of been in the right place I just wanted to get it back ASAP and ended up losing more and more. My grandad is 80 and always warns me about betting I feel so guilty: Did you tell someone?

Yes I have told my father and grandad who have been very supportive. I needed to get it off my chest. It felt better telling them but now I still feel severely depressed. Hopefully this feeling will go in time but it is hard at the moment. I know you must feel like absolute pants I truly hope it's your only.

Well its been around 8 weeks since i lost all my money and I havn't thought about betting once since. The horrible losing feeling has got way better as time has passed but yes it still hurts thinking about it. My 'episode' has definitely been a life lesson well and truly learned i will never bet again.

Each time my wages goes in each month it feels a bit better. A lot of people like me disappear after a few posts, I suppose they just need help immediately and things get better or worse and they don't post again. Anyway there is hope and I believe i had to lose that money to stop me betting ever again. It's a big loss and I feel your pain. My advice is to remember the pain in a positive way so u don't gamble again. Your under 30 and a lifetime in front of u try to be positive, the only way of winning and beating this evil addiction is to not gamble, u saved 22k before u can do it again.

But if I carry on in another 10 years it be over k I'm never gonna get my money back but if I'm strong I can be a winner in the future by quitting now Unfortunately we can't change the pass, only our future. Gambling and winning is such a high that is so easily addictive, but to say it's too late to quit is nonsense. I honestly believe if I continue not to gamble and it's only been a fortnight! I can have my life back Family, social and having the finances to have the nicer things in life.

Yes my bank balance is just click for source from zero and its gutting. But to continue would only mean more heartbreak and I would continue to let my family and friends down. I hope the guy u mentioned saying it's too late gets the inspiration and help he needs to stop, because it's i lost all my money gambling what do i do too late Relating to i lost all my money gambling what do i do Kms says it's true I chase loses because I don't ever remember being in front so whenever I win there is no i lost all my money gambling what do i do because it never replaces the losses and now I have done the lot there is no way back excuse the pun I have more chance of winning the lottery.

Its been 3 months since bonus sin deposito bet365 post and my big loss and I still have no urge whatsoever to gamble. I'm still trying to tell myself that this was a lesson in life. However nearly every day I think about the loss and what I click here of done with the money and it depresses me how stupid I was.

Not been addicted to gambling but blew all their money in a this web page of hours chasing and chasing the losses. Hello and well done on the 3 months. I will say this.

DO NOT ever think you are over this. I have had slip ups after 5, 7 months free, thinking I was over it and let down my guard. You will not be over it that quickly, you must stay alert and be aware that the urge can come back anytime.

I wont let my guard down, the thing is, I have never had an urge to bet ever, apart from that day when i had an urge to get my losses back and ended up losing everything. Hi Steven, I read your first post back in Aug and can see myself in that. I lost 7k of savings and in my depressed state of mind tried to win it back.

I am now 20k in debt. Trust me you will not win it back, just work hard and savings will start to grow again. Find something to aim for either in job or personal satisfaction. Hi Steven, well done on 3 months gamble free. Urgh is right you can never be complacent. Read my diary and you will see the last year has not been without relapse for me. I'm now in a much better place and am 50 days gamble free tomorrow and like you have no intention of gambling again. Keep gambling online vegas royal, resist those urges that at times will creep upon you and you will continue on your recovery.

Small steps one day at a time. I really hope so. That's the problem, most people stop after a small amount, but to try and make i lost all my money gambling what do i do see more what happened as a "one off" you lost your lifesavings sounds like you are in some kind of denial.

If you lost 20k once it can happen again. As I said, I really hope you understand the gravity of the situation and know that there are certain triggers in life that can tip you over the edge. That's usually how people fall back into gambling. A life crisis of some sort. Some interesting stories here. Its very different how you only сих online casino games rigged Разве your losses for 1 day but you did one thing us gamblers never do.

Thats didn't bet everything. You still had 2k. That to me was your first big step without knowing. I was betting for 18 years and over the last few I must have staked around two million with constantly bettin all day every day. I will never be doing it again but I agree that urge will always be there in me somewhere. I really think you are different in a good way and won't bet again. Just payout online casino uk ever think a few quid won't hurt as you damn well know it probably will!.

My partner was a gambler. He commited Suicide this year in May. He has destroyed my life completely broken i lost all my money gambling what do i do heart and my childrens. Please please get as much help as you i lost all my money gambling what do i do and fight this.

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