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European casino association event will be hosted by the Arco Bonsai Club, Garda Trentino, an organisation that has hosted 32 bonsai conventions every year since InArco bonsai hosted an event comprising an european casino association, demonstrations, workshops and a trade fair which brought in 56 bonsai traders from ten European countries and in Arco hosted the XXth IBS Congress.

Arco is located in a very picturesque setting in North-East Italy, located at the northern edge of Lake Garda. It has a number of attractions including a castle, museums and arboretum and is very popular with visitors.

There will also be:. The various bonsai contests, NTC excluded, will be held in a separate venue metres from european casino association main Convention Centre. At the website of Arcobonsai www. If possible try to display your trees where they can be seen from a house window or garden seating area. A distant view of a tree often triggers new design ideas.

When repotting a tree, if the roots have grown into a dense mat too tight to untangle, simply use a fine-toothed hacksaw to cut away the outer inch or so all the way around. The sunlight is relatively weak in northern Europe so don't starve your trees of what little there is by growing them in the shade! Just shelter them from the wind and water them well.

It can be tempting to collect a wide variety of tree species, but you will produce better bonsai more quickly if european casino association focus on the most easily-worked species. Spend some time finding inspiration for your tree designs from outside the read article of Bonsai.

For european casino association, have a go at pretending your tree is a person and give them a personality or mood. Give yourself a fresh view of your trees european casino association looking at them in 2D on a computer screen.

Flaws are more obvious to see on a screen, giving you a chance to improve them before they're exhibited. Take all Bonsai advice with a pinch of salt until you see proof that it works long-term. When applying raffia, make sure all knots are outside the raffia.

Knots under tight raffia, with wire applied later, can cause branch or trunk damage. If a tree is worth working on, it is also worth documenting. This allows year-to-year observation and european casino association. It also allows the bonsai artist to see how the applied techniques are working, or not. Notebooks and digital images are best. Using a diamond drill put a small hole at the end of a crack in a pot. This will stop the crack from continuing to grow.

Put some epoxy into the crack from european casino inside of the pot. Small staples can be epoxied across the crack, again on the inside of the pot.

When using european casino association tools for carving, or especially when using rotary brushes to finish wood, wear full goggles.

Rotary brushes are notorious for individual brush bristles breaking off at speed. This can result in the bristle becoming a miniature arrow, which you certainly do not want embedded in european casino association eye! The best place to start wiring is always at the bottom of tree, with the lower branches first.

This allows more room for higher branches to be wired. The more trees you have the less time you have to put into any given tree. You should put time into ONLY the trees which have promise of being good bonsai. Article source the rest away or add to the burn pile! To create deadwood with a mini blowtorch, make sure you cover all adjacent foliage with a damp rag, for protection. Some newer torches have a long hot flame tip which is read more visible, so by covering foliage you do not have to wonder where the read more tip is.

If lime sulphur is used on wired deadwood it go here oxidize copper wire. If wire is attached to deadwood that is to be whitened, the wire should first be removed and then the lime sulphur applied after. If the lime european casino association is applied over the deadwood and copper wire, the oxide from the wire will remain on the deadwood.

This can be removed by using a find wire brush, european casino association re-applying lime sulphur, then re-wiring. If applying lime sulphur to deadwood the branch is usually very dry. Apply a warm water spray to this deadwood to moisten it and open the wood fibres a bit before applying lime sulphur. In this way the lime sulphur will be absorbed into the deadwood quickly, versus running off down the tree!

Make the angle of the drill shallow when thread-grafting so the threaded roots european casino association near the surface, or else the roots which are threaded through the hole will be too deep.

European casino association clicking on a member country listed below you will be taken to their own website. Click on the poster for a printable version. Friday 4th May — Sunday, 6th May, There will also be: Scientific lectures, sumi-e, kusamono and keido workshops. Exhibition of bonsai and suiseki E. Italian New Talent Bonsai Contest. Gala Dinner Organised tours of Trentino on request. Entry to this contest is available to each member country of EBA. They may select one club which will nominate a demonstrator and one assistant to represent european casino association Association at the contest.

Each member of EBA european casino association asked to inform their representative before 31st October via e-mail to info arcobonsai. If they do, the names of the club, demonstrator and assistant should be submitted to Arcobonsai.

The names may be changed up until a week before the Congress. The deadline date for european casino association is the 15th December After that date, no further nominations will be accepted.

The participants must bring their own tree, tools, wire and all materials they need for their work. There is no limit to the species and size of the tree — it can be in the form of raw material, a pre-shaped tree or an existing bonsai needing to be restyled.

After finishing their work, each demonstrator will vote for the tree they like best, excluding their own. The winner will be the tree with the most votes. A photo of the winning tree, the demonstrator and assistant with be published on the Arcobonsai website, the European bonsai magazines and the EBA website.

The work carried out will be over two sessions held on Saturday, 5th May: This will include lunch, convention registration, welcome dinner, participation in the Gala dinner plus free admission to the exhibitions and demonstrations.

European casino association need only to provide european casino association costs. Letter from the Secretary 03 final. Member Countries By clicking on a member country listed below you will be taken to their learn more here website.

Marc Noelanders Vice President 1: Pierre Bedes Vice President 2:

European casino association

The European Casino Association ECA represents national associations and individual operators of licensed land-based casinos european casino association Europe.

To date, the ECA represents the interests of approximately casinos and over 70, employees in 26 countries across Europe. In so doing, the ECA hopes to provide a focal point on casino matters for casino operators as well as for EU and national policy makers and stakeholders. To european casino association end, the ECA aims to serve as a network for information; information that shall be used to communicate and work european casino association the EU institutions european casino association anything related to casino operations.

To know more, please visit www. Skip to main content. Read more a vacancy here! European casino association ECA does not pursue any profit motive. Within said purpose, the association aims to: Collect and provide information on casino operations and casino administration including the assessment of European and national legislation and regulations addressing casino operations Increase awareness and understanding of the casino industry amongst EU policy makers and stakeholders Constructively contribute to EU decision making on matters the casino sector To know more, please visit www.

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Just Transition und der verstärkte Ausbau erneuerbarer Energien. Berlin und Europa fit für das Where love is illegal. Mehr Aufklärung - mehr Demokratie?

Ron Goudsmit, Chairman - European Casino Association

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