Currency linked deposit hk Currency linked deposit hk

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Discounts for Concession Items. There is no secondary market for CLD. If you are in doubt about the contents of the offering documents, you should seek independent legal and financial advice. Such costs may be as substantially high as your total deposit amount. Illustrative Example Deposit Currency: Credit risk of the Bank - CLD is not secured by any collateral. Start by selecting the account holder's name and account number this web page the pull-down menu. You may get nothing back and suffer a total loss of your deposit amount and contract interest amount. The Bank will provide an indication of the redemption price upon such request. A Structured Investment Deposit is linked with various underlying investment options to provide enhanced return potential. You can send instruction to the Bank whenever you like but the earliest processing for instructions received currency linked deposit hk these times will be currency linked deposit hk the business hours of the next working day. CLDs are not secured by any collateral. The investment decision is yours but you should not invest unless the intermediary currency linked deposit hk sells it to you has explained to you that the product is suitable for you having regard to your financial situation, investment experience and investment objectives. The information provided in this message is subject to change without notice. Be served by our professional staff at our branches, or opt for self-service banking via our automated времени casinobonus2 red stag Тогда — the choice is yours.

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Assuming that the Bank becomes insolvent during the tenor of this product or defaults on its obligations under this product, you can only claim as its unsecured creditor. I want to currency linked deposit hk an account. Press 3 after language here. Your investment will breakeven as long as the value of proceeds received by you is equal to the Principal Amount. Calculation Method for the pre-fixed amount in AUD: The above example is for illustration only. Renminbi is currently not freely convertible. You are not allowed to early terminate the CLDs. On the currency linked deposit hk, if it moves in the opposite direction, your maturity proceeds received will be converted to the linked currency at the predetermined conversion rate accordingly. If you buy the Linked Currency with Deposit Currency and deposit for same tenor as a Currency Linked Deposit, you will receive the deposit interest but expose to an exchange gain or loss on the Maturity Date depending on the exchange rate movement currency linked deposit hk the Linked Currency against the Deposit Currency during the deposit period. You will receive the Principal plus contract interest amount HKD, This document is for information only solely more info reference purpose and does not constitute any offer, solicitation to invest, advice or recommendation. Top of main content Important Risk Warning: In the illustrative example, if the Fixing Rate is greater than or article source to 6. Currency Linked Investments is a structured product involving derivatives.

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Fubon Currency-Linked Deposit (“CLD”) gives you an opportunity to substantially maximize your interest return by taking advantage of exchange rate movements.
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Renminbi Capital Protected Investment Deposit - Currency Linked is an investment designed to protect your original capital.
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HSBC offers a currency linked structured product – structured investment deposit.
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It is NOT a protected deposit and is NOT protected by the Deposit Protection Scheme in Hong Kong. Derivatives risk - Deposit Plus deposit currency and/or linked.
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Currency Linked Deposit (the "CLD") offered by The Bank of East Asia, Limited 東亞銀行有限公司 (a licensed bank regulated by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority).
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