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The name Zug originates from fishing vocabulary; in the Middle Ages it referred to the right to pull up fishing nets link hence to the right to fish. The town of Zug is located in the canton of Zug and is the canton's capital. As of 31 December it had a total population of 29, inhabitants. The official language of Zug is the Swiss variety of Standard Germanbut the main spoken language casino zug the local variant of the Alemannic Swiss German dialect.

Casino zug oldest human traces date back to the time of around 14, BC. There have been Paleolithic finds on the north bank of Lake Zug, which come from nomadic hunters and gatherers. Archaeologists have also been able to prove the existence of over forty lake-shore settlements pile dwellingson the shores of Lake Zug, from the epoch of the first settled farmers in the Neolithic period 5, BC.

The peak in these lake-shore village settlements was in the period between and BC. These rich finds result in a quite differentiated picture of life in former times, attractively represented in the Zug Museum for Prehistory. In around ADAlemannic families and tribes immigrated to the area of present-day canton Zug.

The churches of Baar and Risch also date back to the early Middle Ages. At this time, the casino zug of present-day Zug belonged to completely different monastic and secular landlords, the most important of whom were the Habsburgs, and who, ininherited the Kyburg rights and remained a central political power until about In the course of the high medieval town construction, the settlement of Zug also received a town wall at some point after casino zug The click founders were probably the counts of Article source. The town, first mentioned in ADwas called an " oppidum " in and a " castrum " in Init was bought casino zug Rudolph of Habsburg from Anna, casino zug heiress of Kyburg and wife of Eberhard, head of the cadet line of Habsburg.

The Aeusser Amt or Outer District consisted of the villages and towns surrounding Zug, which each had their own Landsgemeinden but were ruled by a single Habsburg bailiff.

Zug was important as an administrative center of the Kyburg and the Habsburg district, then as a local market place, and, thereafter, as a stage town for the transport of goods particularly salt and iron over the Hirzel hill towards Lucerne. On 27 Juneboth the town of Zug and the Aeusser Amt entered the Swiss Confederationthe latter being received on exactly the same terms as the town, and not, as was usual in the case of outer districts, as a subject land; but casino zug SeptemberZug had to acknowledge its own lords again, and in was obliged to break off its connection with the league.

Aboutthe town and the Aeusser Amt were recovered for the league by the men of Schwyzand from this time Zug took part as a full member in all the acts of the league. Inthe Holy Roman Emperor Wenceslaus exempted Zug from all external jurisdictions, and in the Habsburgs renounced their claims, reserving only an annual payment of 20 silver marks, which came to an end in In Wenceslaus gave all criminal jurisdiction to the town only.

The Aeusser Amt, inthen claimed that the banner and seal of Zug should be kept in one of the country districts and were supported in casino zug claim by Schwyz. The matter was finally settled in by arbitration, and the banner was to be kept in the town. Finally inthe right of electing their landammann was given to Zug casino zug the Confederation, and a share in the criminal jurisdiction was granted to the Aeusser Amt by German king Sigismund.

It is likely that this was more for political than economic reasons: For the town of Zug, little changed, and Zug remained Habsburg. That same year, the Zug alliance was declared invalid by all parties. A period of Schwyz domination then followed. Only gradually did Zug become sovereign and federal. This problematic dualism dominated untili. The unifying element of this miniature confederation was, among others, the rural municipalities and the forty-member city council.

InZug joined the league of casino zug Swabian cities against Leopold III of Austria and shared in the victory of Sempachas well as in the various Argovian and Thurgovian conquests of the Confederates, and later in those of Italyhaving already taken part in the occupation of the Val d'Ossola.

Between Walchwil and ChamZug had acquired various districts in its own neighborhood, principally to the north and the west, which were ruled till by the town alone as subject lands.

Inthe building of a larger town wall began, which increased the town area six-fold - the casino zug year as the building of the late gothic St. The building master of the new town wall was Hans Felder from Bavarian Swabia. The ground plan of the town wall is indicative of casino zug ideal symmetric plan of the Renaissance period — casino slot games online for fun very rare at that time.

The overall urban planning implemented in the small town of Zug was modern for its time. During the turmoil of the Reformation, Zug remained on the Casino zug side of central Switzerland and retained the old faith. Warring religious confederates fought at Kappel am Albis and casino zug Gubel in Menzingen. Its location on the edge of casino zug Switzerland made Zug a confessional border town.

During the Reformation, Zug clung to the old faith and was a member of the Christliche Vereinigung of Init casino zug a member the Golden League.

The period up until was marked by internal political rivalries and turbulence. The invasion of the French troops marked casino zug end of the old order, and with the Helvetic order came a radical political change. Zug was given its current cantonal structure, consisting of eleven local municipalities. Until well into the 19th century, Zug casino zug of agricultural land.

The connection to the Swiss casino zug network in was important, as was the connection of mountain and valley with an electric tram at the beginning of the 20th century.

In parallel, large industrial and commercial zones evolved; employment increased rapidly; the population casino zug sharply, and the building boom skyrocketed. Canton Zug catapulted itself into being casino zug the top of the financially strong cantons. Zug is a low tax regionand is headquarters for a number casino zug multinational enterprises. On 27 Septemberan angry, unstable gunman, Friedrich Leibachershot and killed 15 people including himself in the cantonal parliament of Zug.

The event became known as the Zug Massacre. Of the rest of the land, Zug has an average of It has an average of 5. During this month there is precipitation for an average of The month with the most days of precipitation is June, with an average of The City Council Stadtrat constitutes the executive government of the Town of Zug and operates as a collegiate authority.

It is composed of five councilors German: Departmental tasks, coordination casino zug and implementation of laws decreed by the City Parliament are carried by the City Council.

The regular election of the City Council by any inhabitant valid to vote is held every four years. The current mandate period Legislatur is from to Any resident of Zug allowed to vote can be elected as a member of the City Council. The delegates are selected by means of a system of Majorz since The casino zug is elected as such as well by public election while the casino zug of the other departments are assigned by the collegiate.

Casino zug executive body holds its meetings in the Stadthaus City Hall on Kolinplatz. The last regular election was held on 5 October He has been elected by the collegiate. In the federal election the most popular party was the SVP with The next three casino zug popular parties were the CVP In the federal election, a total of 9, votes were cast, and the voter turnout was The election saw a large change in the voting when compared to The percentage of the vote received by the SP increased sharply from 6.

In they decided to become sister cities. Casino zug has a population as of 31 December of casino to hire, Most casino zug the population as of [update] speaks German Zug has an unemployment rate of 2.

As of casino zugthere were people employed in the primary economic sector and about 51 businesses involved in this sector. They play their home games in the 7,seat Bossard Arena. Their home games are held in the Academy Arena. The team plays its home games in the Bossard Arena.

Zug also has numerous junior teams that compete in the different junior leagues of Switzerland. Casino zug there is an amateur floorball team, Zug United.

As of [update]there were a casino zug of 40, people employed in the municipality. Of these, a total of people worked in 42 businesses in the primary economic sector. The secondary sector employed 5, workers in separate businesses. Finally, the tertiary sector provided 34, jobs in 6, businesses. In a total of In Julythe city of Zug began to this web page digital currency in payment of city fees.

In order to advance Zug as a region that is innovating with future technologies, the city council added bitcoin as a means of paying small amounts, up to SFr.

In order to reduce risk, Zug immediately converts any bitcoin play instant euroking casino into the Swiss currency.

Zug is a popular location for incorporation of companies, such as Glencore casino zug Nord Streamwith at times more companies registered than residents. The lake shore has been embanked and forms a promenade, from which views of the Rigi and Pilatuscasino zug well as of the snowy peaks of the Bernese Oberlandare gained.

Towards its northerly end, a monument marks the spot where a part of the shore slipped into the casino zug in The older part of the town is rather crowded together, though only four of the wall towers and a small part of the town walls still survive. The most striking old building in the town is the parish church of St Oswald late 15th centurydedicated to St Oswaldking of Northumbria d.

The town hall, also a 15th-century building, casino zug houses the Historical and Antiquarian Museum. There are some quaint old painted houses close by.

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Probe zum Unplugged-Konzert vom 23.12.2011 im Theater Casino Zug

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